For Easter lunch it is worth preparing something delicious. Ducks, legs and apples will fit perfectly for this occasion. As an addition you can prepare beetroots and potatoes from the water, sprinkled with dill.

Duck meat is not a dietetic meat due to its high fat content but it contains a lot of healthy fatty acids.


  • ducks’ legs (1 pcs./os)
  • 3 large sour apples
  • marjoram
  • salt, pepper to taste


Thigh rub with salt, pepper and marjoram and set aside for at least 1 hour. After this time, place them in a heat-resistant dish and place in the oven for 200 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Then take out the dish and add the peeled apples to the duck and cut into quarters (if necessary, you can also pour too much fat off).

Przykryj wszystko wierzchem od naczynia żaroodpornego i wstaw ponownie do piekarnika na około 2 godziny na 170 stopni, aby się wszystko razem udusiło. Podawaj z ziemniakami i buraczkami lub czerwoną kapustą. 

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Duck legs with apples
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