Version with chives and dried tomatoes. Fits all types of bread, it can also be “slimmed down” by adding a small amount of mayonnaise (or not at all, turning mayonnaise into a spoonful of olive oil) and we have a dietary dish. It is worth giving up the blender for a while to get tired by crushing eggs with a fork, which will give a much better taste.

Eggs are a source of full-value protein, easily assimilable by the body. It is a reference protein containing all amino acids, including essential ones, which the body cannot produce on its own.


  • 3 hard-cooked eggs
  • several dried tomatoes
  • chive
  • spoonful of mayonnaise
  • salt, pepper to taste


Peel the eggs from shells, cut into small pieces and knead with a fork until the paste is formed. Add the remaining ingredients and mix.

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Bartek & Sylwia

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